A wide range of professional resources aimed at providing inclusive environments for all children.


Our resources are available to support educators with providing inclusive care environments for all children.

We offer a range of professional resources, links and information that support Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services to successfully prioritise inclusion within their quality care services.

Creating inclusive environments and being inclusion ready means being proactive in your approach and believing in children’s abilities as well as a commitment to equity. Here we have collected a range of links to quality information and resources to help you on your journey towards inclusion. 

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The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is the national authority that assists government in administering the National Quality Framework (NQF) for children's education and care.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Resources

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Care
A peak national body providing a platform for members to help improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Learn more here.

Reconciliation Australia
Reconciliation Australia promotes and facilitates respect, trust and positive relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Learn more here.

This platform assists schools and early childcare services in developing their Reconciliation Actions Plans. Learn more here.

Belonging , Being and Becoming
Remote Indigenous Package for Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, click here to access the framework.

Noongar Language Centre 
A place where you can find information and learn about Noongar language, learn more here.

Supply Nation
A non-for-profit organisation that promotes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers. Learn more here.
The Australian Government
Visit the Australian Government website for Indigenous Australians Acknowledgement of Country, click here for more information.

The “Aboriginal Resources Directory”
Prepared by Ruah Community Services, this directory supports Aboriginal people’s access to services in Perth. Access the directory here.

The Australian Government Department of Health Care for Kids' Ears
Access resources to increase awareness of ear disease and hearing loss in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Learn more here.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Resources

Building belonging
A toolkit for early childhood educators on cultural diversity and responding to prejudice, click here to learn more.

Harmony Week
Click here to learn about the annual event which celebrates Australia's cultural diversity.

Be You
Resources on cultural diversity from the Be You website, click here.

ACECQA article: What it means to be culturally competent
Learn how to be culturally competent by reading this ACECQA article, click here.

TAFE Early Childhood Education and Care
A TAFE Library with access to journals and newsletters on Cultural Competence, click here.

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

The Early Years Learning Framework is a framework that guides ECEC services to provide high quality learning curriculums. Click here to access the framework.

Education and Care Regulatory Unit (ECRU)

The Department of Communities approves and monitors education and care services through the Education and Care Regulatory Unit. Click here for more details. 

Inclusion Development Fund Manager (IDFM)

Inclusion Development Fund Manager (IDFM) manages Inclusion Development funding applications under the Inclusion Support Program across Australia. They have a wide range of resources to help services including resources with the development of Strategic Inclusion Plans.

Inclusion Support Program

The Inclusion Support Program (ISP) is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Training. Browse this website for information on the program, including the ISP Guidelines.

Innovative Solutions Support

Innovative Solutions Support funds flexible and alternative solutions to address inclusion barriers in services. Visit Innovative Solutions | KU IDFM

Wellbeing and Behaviour Support Resources

Be You
Be You is a Government initiative to help grow a mentally healthy generation. This website supports educators to promote and protect positive mental health in children. Register or just access the wide range of resources, click here.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Website has an incredible range of quality resources for educators, click here to learn more.

Behaviour Help
Resources and training to equipment parents and educators and professionals with knowledge and understanding. Click here to access the resources.

Raising Children
Information for educators and families to support children of all age groups in various developmental needs including behaviour. Learn more here.

Bringing Up Great Kids
Resources for parents to raise confident and happy children, click here for more information.
The Phoenix Cups
The Phoenix Cups is a philosophical framework which your team can use to share ideas, language and understandings about human behaviour. Learn more here.

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The Inclusion Support Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.